Seniors Team Schedule 2023

SNC: Manager: Dianne Elliot <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

On top of the weekly club training Monday and Wednesday there are some traveling games in the 2023 schedule.

Tournament start and end times will be send out prior to the event. Icetime for these events are covered in the registration.

Each round the Flames Club will send one traveling team:



-TRI Series VS QTN Rangers

    Game 1, Saturday June 10th 4:45-5:45PM Queenstown Ice Rink *followed by watching the Stampede Game. Flames Lost 7:2

    Game 2, Saturday August 5th 6:30-7:45PM Iceinline Ice Rink in Alexandra. Flames Lost 4:3

    Game 3, Saturday September 2nd 4:45-5:45PM Queenstown Ice Rink *followed by watching the Stampede Game 



-TRI Series VS QTN Rangers

    Game 1, Saturday August 5th 5:15-6:30PM Iceinline Ice Rink in Alexandra 


Open / Named Teams 

-Erehwon Cup, Thursday to Sunday July 13th to 16th, Naseby Ice Rink, Finished Third

-NZIHL Premier League Cup, November 11-12, Auckland {Confirmed}

-Queenstown Cup Late January 2024, Queenstown Ice Rink

-Masters February Mid 2024 , Dunedin Ice Rink